NM People’s Energy Cooperative

New Mexico People’s Energy Cooperative (NMPEC) has a mission to help you make a difference in the energy transition and provide the knowledge to go solar, electrify your home, determine energy efficiency strategies to give the lowest utility bills, and how to get the grants and rebates to help pay for all these things that will make your home less expensive to operate, healthier and more comfortable in all seasons.

Or perhaps you’re EV curious? Electric bikes and cars and even tractors are the future, and that future has arrived.

NMPEC is a collaboration between our community organizations and all of you! The sun shines on us all equally and that sun is one of our great blessings here in New Mexico. If the energy transition is to be equitable, we all must own the benefits. If the energy transition is to be done quickly, we all must do what we can as quickly as we can!

They say a journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. We can help you take that first step – our dedicated board has a passion for energy sovereignty – the notion that we should own our own energy production.

The Biden administration just released this handy guide to help you transition your house and car!

Rewiring America has a calculator to help you navigate taking your house all-electric and all-renewable. There are rebates and tax credits to help you do this.

<— this opens the PDF. THIS IS THEIR CALCULATOR —>