Community Partners

Earth Care is an empowerment and community development organization. We grow grassroots leadership from the ground up by training and supporting youth and parent leaders who organize campaigns to build a healthy, just, and sustainable world.

New Energy Economy‘s mission is to build a renewable energy future for our health and the environment. With bold legal interventions, public policy advocacy, and grassroots action we fight for a fossil-fuel and nuclear-free economy that stewards both the health of our environment and our communities. A Just Transition to renewable energy is not just about reducing carbon emissions but transforming our energy system, as we do so we must redress social inequity, build people power, and foster economic and environmental justice.

Los Jardines Instituto‘s agriculture work seeks to support food justice in our communities by providing an outdoor agricultural classroom. The program provides a farm apprentice project, space for service learning, community gatherings, and educational activities. Volunteers at LJI enjoy organic vegetables for their families. The Agricultural programs seek to support traditional gardening/farming practices, small farmers, and provide good organic vegetables to our communities.

PACE Fund NM was founded to address the capital gap in bringing solar to New Mexico. We have the technology, we have the sun, we have the will – ultimately, it comes down to having the money – and together, we do. We are a mission aligned firm that puts the community before profits by providing long term loans at reasonable rates, what we call Patient Capital.

Cooperative Energy Futures (CEF) does things differently. By working with underserved and low-income communities – as well as the general public – we create real community wealth by reducing energy use and producing our own clean, renewable energy. CEF reframes the debate by demonstrating how communities are central to building and implementing solutions.

To empower communities across Minnesota to build energy democracy through solutions that are clean, local, and ours.