Community Solar

Are you a renter or have a shaded home but want the benefits of solar energy? Community Solar is coming to New Mexico. But only cooperatively owned solar will maximize your benefits and minimize your electric bills while building equity as an owner of the cooperative!

Cooperatively owned Community Solar is when we come together and build a large solar array and share the energy produced. A team of dedicated public power people and community organizations work together to bring projects to your community.

New Mexico People’s Energy Cooperative has a mission to spread the wealth of the energy transition by educating its members on how they can invest and/or get grants for transitioning their homes and vehicles to run on electricity produced by the sun and wind. There are provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act which can help you transition to clean electric heating, cooking and hot water with rebates.

NM just enabled the Community Solar program and projects will be built in 2023 To keep in touch or volunteer to help, fill out this form!